Introducing Dining Out Mom Style

A little about me.. I’m a typical mom, with a somewhat atypical job. I started my career as a journalist at the University of Missouri-Columbia. At first I was interested in broadcast journalism because I was determined to be the MTV Newscaster. So.. well, that didn’t happen. When I started in J-school, I much preferred local news and telling the stories of people in my community and the issues we face every day. I’ve worked some of the craziest hours possible in this profession. The most difficult was getting up at 12:15am to work by 1:30am! It hurts just to think about it. I’ve often said this is a two-person job. When you have kids, you have to have a supportive partner to pull it off. Some have said my husband has the patience of a saint.. mostly my mom says that… and he does. A supportive other-half is crucial in this industry.

The Stein Family

The Stein Family

Now I’m thankful to be a part of the fabulous and hard-working team at CBS13! I anchor CBS 13 News at 5:30 and 11, and FOX23 News at 10. My weekly segment, The CBS 13 Restaurant Report, is featured each Thursday at 11.

When I’m not at work, the kiddos and I are usually cruising around town looking for fun. We haven’t found a beach or a playground we don’t like!  My daughter is about to be a first grader and my son is a wild and crazy two year old. He knows how to make a mess in the time it takes you to read this sentence. They, along with their dad, are my world.

This blog is designed to be a smattering of dining out options, tips and experiences as a mom on the run. So, strap on your running shoes and let’s have some fun!

Adrienne Stein

About Adrienne Stein

I am a News Anchor/Reporter/mom of two and wife. When I'm not chasing around a toddler and carting around a 6 year old, I am searching for stories that impact Mainers lives. You'll see me on CBS 13 News Live at 5:30 and CBS 13 News at 11. I also anchor FOX23 News at 10 on weekdays. On weekends, I squeeze in every moment I can with my kids and husband. You'll likely find us at Maine's beautiful beaches and parks whenever it's nice, even when it's not so nice.